Sunday, February 14, 2016

be my valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day.  Or Valentimes, if you prefer.  :) 

I've had a heliacal migraine for the past few days.  Only one injection so far, but a quite a bit more pills than I'd like.   By timing the pills just right, I was able to attend a party at my brother's house last night, virtually pain-free, which was a bonus. 

I'm not sure he thought so because I may have gotten into strong discussions about politics and social mores with some of his more conservative guests.  As a party trick, I did a poor job of explaining Einstein's theory of relativity, and the recent discovery of gravitational waves, coming from a non-scientific person to even lesser scientific people.  There were paper towels involved and exploding fists, along with the requisite mouth noises.  I'm sure Einstein is rolling in his grave.  Or cringing in his time travels. 

Perhaps this is why I rarely see my brother even though we live only a couple miles away from each other.  :)

On the plus side, I ate yummy food and have some leftovers.  Yay.  Of course, that's assuming I even feel like eating.  Or getting out of bed today.  Prospects are not rosy.  They were discussing diets last night, and I maturely kept to myself how well the pain diet works. 

In case any of you procrastinated and need a Valentine card, I have some nerdy links below:

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