Friday, April 28, 2017

counting down

Apparently I'm still alive.  Holy fuck, what a bad yesterday and night I've had.  I have enough meds in my body to stop a small rhino, and the pain is down to a 2 (on a scale of 1-10).  This monkey on my back turned rabid.

It's #NationalSuperheroDay today.  I think we all know my superpower at this point.  I'm a #MigraineWarrior, of which there are unfortunately too many.  I can fight through pain, deal with neurological oddities, and make it look easy or even invisible.

My office floor is soft.  And the ice-pack is cold.

One more day in this work week.  I can do it.

Seven more hours of pretending to be happy and positive.  I can do it.

Three more mandatory meetings before I can go back to bed.

I can do it.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

fight the Rebellion

As I walked into my neurologist's office, I wondered why they'd added a LOUD television in their waiting room.   I was as cranky as a disturbed hibernating bear.  And five minutes of that TV made me even crankier.  Who knew that was possible?

I think I've been having migraine prodrome symptoms for the past few days.  These are the signs that a migraine attack is coming soon.  Like a hurricane warning.  Lights seem too bright.  Noises are too loud.  Smells are too strong.  And I'm fatigued and cranky.  My gym session suffered yesterday because my muscles were noticeably weaker.  And my endurance was lessened.

I've been virtually attending the Migraine World Summit, and one of the speakers suggested taking an Aleve during prodrome.  There's no research on it yet, but the half-life of Aleve is one of the longest, so he suggested it might be helpful in staving off the pain.  I took an Aleve the next morning when I woke still feeling out of sorts.   And then half an Excedrin.  It's been a few days, and no excruciating head pain yet.  Yay!  But still prodroming...

Back to the doctor's office.  I inquired why the TV, and was told they would be programming it with their own ads.  I hate loud advertising.  I especially hate loud advertising when I have a migraine and can't switch it off. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

showing off

I hate when I'm showing off for absolutely no one by cracking my egg one-handed, and I drop some shell in.  I blame the chicken for laying a weak egg.  

Yes, I was making Wendycoffee.

I've modified the recipe somewhat.  Now, I put the cocoa powder and cinnamon in with the coffee grounds to brew for 5 minutes.  I've also stopped adding molasses and cardamom.  Because I'm lazy.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

my mango colada

Mango colada (my own creation), which is quite tasty:

coconut cream
passion-fruit bitters
crushed ice
and rum, of course

mango colada

I like pina coladas & getting caught in the rain

It's been raining all night and all day, supposed to be about 5 inches.  [Obligatory "that's what she said"] 

I've gone on two walks in the rain so far today.  I adore walking in a drizzle when I don't care about my clothes or my hair getting wet.  It was nice and cool out, and the birds were out enjoying the weather, too.  I was surprised to see that the local park was crowded.  People are crazy.  

I'm ready for a pina colada now.  Sadly I have no pineapple.  Perhaps a mango colada might suffice.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

unhappy hour

I went out for Happy Hour last night and didn't love it.  I had been looking forward to it all week because a bunch of my martial arts classmates and gym buddies would be there.  Plus, after a REALLY horrible and anxiety-provoking week (yes I did have a sip of rum for breakfast one morning to calm my nerves), I had some great news Friday afternoon and wanted to celebrate.

I suppose my expectations were already too high at this point.

I drove across town in rush hour traffic to a place with very limited, metered street parking.  Yay, my favorite.  :\

After passing by the bar twice (without actually seeing it), I found a relatively safe parking spot where my abysmal parallel parking skills were put to the test.  Only 5 short corrections later, I was in.  Success.  Now, to get out without getting hit.  I then got to the meter and discover it took quarters only.  Welcome to 2002.  I got back into my car to figure out what to do when I remembered my emergency quarter roll stash for this reason.

I threw a bunch of quarters in the meter and went off in search of this hole in the wall.

Dark and LOUD.  Because I was driving and not having an anxiety attack, I wasn't drinking.  I greeted several people warmly, posed for photos, said WHAT? many, many times, and ended up watching the Bulls Celtics NBA Playoff game on the giant TV.

What's the point of going out to socialize if no one can hear each other?

I left after a couple hours of watching my friends deteriorate into drunken behavior and was so happy to get home and climb into bed. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

there is still kindness in strangers

I went for a walk yesterday, partly because I need the exercise ever since my martial arts dojo was closed, and partly because I wanted to play Pokemon Go.  I have a usual walk that I do, but I felt more energetic, and it was a gorgeous day, so I extended my route.  This took me along more roadways than I prefer.

I hadn't planned on seeing anyone, so I wasn't really looking my best.  My hair was pulled up and shoved into a massive lump on the back of my head, which was now windblown and messier.  And, I had no makeup on.  A woman waiting at a red-light yelled out of her car window and asked if I was okay.  Was I sure I didn't need help?

It was late afternoon.  I was sitting alone (battling Pokemon on my phone) and had no visible scars or blood.  Yet, something must have set off her inner watchdog.  At first I waved, signaling I was fine.  That's when she asked if I needed help.  I finally yelled back that I was okay and thanked her.

I can only imagine what a bedraggled mess I appeared.

My first reaction was embarrassment that she had called attention to my disheveled state in front of a line of cars, while I was engaging in nerd activity.  My second reaction was gratitude that there are still people out there willing to help strangers.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

feeling accomplished

I made my cranky mailman laugh this morning.  That wasn't an easy feat, no matter how funny and cheerful I am.  I could hear him swearing and muttering several houses away.   Poor guy.  No wonder he always takes aim at my garbage cans.  Maybe I should put them out every day to let him release some stress.  Or bring snacks next time I see him.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

fun being a tourist

We had gorgeous weather this weekend and decided to be tourists in our own town.

I joked when I went to a new (to me) gym that it had different gravity there, making the weights heavier.  Which led my workout partner and I to talking about the genius Latvian man who built his home out of multi-ton limestone bricks.  By himself.  And he was smaller than I am.  Or perhaps he had alien assistance.  There are so many entertaining theories that one can easily spend time sifting through them.  Or read straight from the man himself.  Personally, I can't wait for the Dan Brown novel!

Anyway, we made the trek down to Coral Castle, which I had wanted to see since I was a little kid.  I had fun and learned a thing or two, which is also enjoyable. 

Afterwards, we stopped at a Cuban restaurant, and I accidentally elbowed a cop.  The booths were small, and I have long arms.  He apologized to me first.  I was impressed how fast he tried to de-escalate.  Of course, I apologized right back.

I ended up getting a hellacious migraine on the return drive.  I did an Imitrex injection as soon as I got home.  Fun always has a price.  :\

Map of the grounds

Where he slept.  Did not look comfy

analemma (learned a new word) sundial

African Redhead Agama (learned of a new exotic invasive species)