Thursday, February 4, 2016

that's so metal

Not me, although I used to appreciate speed metal back in the day.  And of course I loved Metalocalypse.  However,  I learned today that there are more genres of metal than I can shake a stick at.  (I might be too scared to shake sticks at most of them.)  It shouldn't surprise me that the Norwegians are the spooky ones, but strangely it does.  Moshing was exhilaratingly fun when I knew my LARGE friends would buffer and coddle me.  Now, I would be way too frightened to mosh.  Plus, I think I've (gasp) matured a bit and moved closer to the norm.  (Hi2u Adele.) 

This is very far from Black Sabbath, but still evokes some of the same feelings when I listen to it.  Listen at your own risk.  It's definitely not for everyone.  No, I didn't understand the lyrics either and had to look them up.

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