Sunday, February 7, 2016

food you loved as a kid?

And now hate?  For me, there are so many.  I had no sense of taste or refined palette as a child.  I loved junk food like Cheetos and shitty quality candy.  Did the quality of M&Ms get worse, or did I get pickier?  I'm guessing both.  I couldn't even finish a fun-pack of them about 10 years ago.  I threw it away as the trash that it was. 

I learned from a friend that Cheetos came out with new flavors 25 years or so ago, which shows how long it's been since I've thought of them.  I don't want to try them now because it's a no-win situation.  If I dislike them, then it ruins a rare pleasant childhood memory.  And if I still like them, I'll end up eating more chemicals, which won't do my health any favors.  Rather, I'll remember them fondly and treasure the memory.

These days, I buy organic, fair-trade, artisanal chocolate, which is handmade by fairy princess elves, after they've freshly washed their hair and smell like sunshine and rainbows.  Or handcrafted salami, made by the seventh son of a seventh son on the first new moon of the Lunar New Year.  Or something similar.  Because I'm worth it.  :)

I also used to scarf down Hot Pockets and Steak-umms and all kinds of processed 'food' products.  Food preparation has always been a chore to me, because with hypoglycemia and migraines, I need to eat fairly often and sometimes very quickly.  Therefore, I've opted for convenience over quality.  Now, I'm learning how to mesh the two.  A tasty tin of sardines is healthy enough and very quick.  Plus I can share it with Kitten for special occasions.

I appreciate the irony that this comes from someone who eats four day old chicken or nine year old canned beans.  I'm a work in progress, mofo'.   :)

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