Wednesday, February 3, 2016

unnerving cameo

Godzilla made a brief but tense appearance yesterday.  Which made me skip my lunchtime sunshine.  Because he left shortly after and went who knows where....  Kitten woke up out of a pork-induced lethargic slumber and came running downstairs when she heard the distinctive scratching noises of his claws on my window.  We both pressed our faces up to the window to see him and watched him melt away into the foliage.  How the fuck does that giant disappear like that?

The young iguanas came back once he was truly gone.  I keep wondering if he would hurt them if he saw them.  Otherwise, why would they always hide when he shows his menacing face?

Apparently, Phil was correct yesterday.  Spring is early.  I had to run my air conditioning last night.  That might have had more to do with a migraine making me hot and cranky than the weather.  All better now.  Yay!

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