Saturday, February 20, 2016

do I even like pizza?

I probably shouldn't answer that because I'll piss off most everyone who reads this.  When have I ever done what I *should* do, though?  I probably shouldn't write my deepest, darkest thoughts for public consumption, but it feels therapeutic and helps me to stay honest with myself.  Otherwise, I think I could take a boat so far down de' Nile River, that it would take years to navigate my way home.

But back to pizza.  It's become traditional for a few of us to go for pizza after exercise class.  One, because it's easy and convenient to walk there.  Two, because typically it's not so crowded that we have to wait long to be seated.  (I get angry when I have to wait 45 minutes to pay money for shitty food and mediocre service.)  Three, because it's nice to support a local family business.  There are other restaurants nearby, but most are chains and franchises.  I could probably list a couple more reasons before even getting to how the food is.  Which should be (and usually is) my top priority when I pick a restaurant.

I don't think I've ever said, out of every choice I have, pizza is the most delicious.  I'll eat it without making a fuss, but it isn't my favorite.  And some pizzas (or should I say flatbreads) are better than others.  Obviously I prefer the stupid artisanal, trendy bullshit better.  Not because it's trendy, but because I don't like eating much bread.  There, I said it.  And flatbreads have less crust.

Our pizza place (I don't even know the name) doesn't serve flatbread pizza, although it is a typical New York thin crust type.  It's good enough.  Mostly, I go for the company.  These are people I've known for years.  Who make me laugh.  Who expose me to new thoughts and ideas.  Who are completely different from the type of person I would pick if given a choice.  Not that I don't like them, far from it, just that it wouldn't have occurred to me, out of ignorance.  We don't have much in common, besides a tenacity for hard, painful, yet fun exercise.

Depending on who shows up, the vibe is either crazy, silly stuff, thoughtful international politics, or who is fighting in the next title fight.  We are a martial arts class, after all, although I don't focus so much on that.  It's interesting to my curious mind who falls on what side of each political issue.  I find myself surprised more often than I would expect.  We are a very diverse group, so I hear opinions from different ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc.  It turns out I'm not only exercising my poor skinny muscles, but also my brain.

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