Monday, February 22, 2016

shaking arms

I finally checked an item off my to-do list yesterday.  Trimming the trees.  I managed to do quite a few before calling it quits.  No broken limbs (mine), maybe no spiders in my hair, no cuts or gashes, and only one broken fingernail.  Victory!  I came in and washed my hair three times to get all of the tree bark and detritus out.   And now, I can barely lift my arms up. 

I climbed up into trees to pull vines away which were suffocating them.  Every time I blindly reached around to grab and pull, I said a little atheistic prayer that I wouldn't meet up with a carnivorous or otherwise vicious lizard.  [Atheistic prayers go something like a five year old's prayers. "Please, please, please don't let me find a lizard."]  I can say with certainty that they were 100% effective.  :)

Later on when vegging out the rest of the day, I let the guilt of being a couch potato go.  The subsequent migraine guilt was not as easy to resist.  Fortunately it wasn't a horrible one.  I ignored it all day (like a dumbass) and didn't medicate until the pain finally ratcheted up.  However, I still caught it at a 3 (on a pain scale of 10), so the meds kicked in before it went past 5.  Yippee?  [Side note: why does my spellchecker still not recognize dumbass as a word?  It's like it doesn't even know me.]

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