Thursday, February 18, 2016

Totoro is home!

Finally!  The cynical side of me thinks the medical system milked her until her insurance coverage ran out.  The other side of me is strangely silent but might agree with the cynical side.  Kitten will be happy that she can go visit her again during her morning constitutional.

For any of you trying to keep track, she's been in and out a few times because her doctors are ignorant, uncaring people who need to be kicked and scoffed at.  Repeatedly.  She's over 90, and the only thing wrong with her is that she is over 90 and has been taking shitty medical advice.  She was on meds to lower her blood pressure, and her docs got her so stuck on a number that she was checking her blood pressure a couple times a day.  Of course she didn't need the meds, and they lowered her pressure enough to make her faint every morning.  Which scared her and sent her to the hospital.  Who then checked her into a skilled nursing center, where they wouldn't let her get out of a wheelchair, which she doesn't need, for 5 weeks.  

After she was released, she went back to being ambulatory again, but apparently her docs don't know about atrophy, and she had problems again.  Back to the hospital for more tests and bed rest.  Rinse and repeat.  Now, they have her on meds to raise her pressure, even though they have no idea what's wrong.  She was discharged yesterday with over 10 prescriptions.  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!  And told her she's on the low end of how many she takes compared to other old people.  

It's such a cold-blooded business here.  Fortunately, she called me this morning to fix her blood pressure checker, and I talked her down from having a panic attack over all of this.  All she wants is to stay home, comfy in her own house.  I gave her a HUGE pep talk.  And then she awesomely let me cry to her over my fucked up life.  We held hands, commiserated, and I left once she was feeling better.  I also texted her family again to have them send more baby pics.  That little baby cheers her so much!

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