Sunday, February 28, 2016

oh, the who-manity

I scared myself when I glanced in a mirror this morning.  A somewhat red-headed Cindy Lou Who was staring back at me. With a three inch curl standing straight up on top of her head.  I had been up for over 30 minutes, and it was still prominently vertical.  Thanks for not telling me, Kitten.

Guess who had a great night's sleep??  Me!  Over 7.5 hours straight through.  Holy fuck I feel so much better.  I have energy to do shit today.  Maybe clean the house.  Or the pool.  Or even go for a walk.  So fkn nice to feel normal once in a while.  I've already started organizing and de-cluttering in the physical world.  And that was all before my Wendycoffee.

Confession time.  I've been substituting sweetened condensed milk in place of Stevia and cream.  Yes, I know it isn't as healthy, but it's so precisely delicious.  And there are a couple of cans in my magical cupboard.

Before you think I live in a hovel, I do clean my house and pool when I'm not feeling well, but I don't care as much about the overall quality.  At that point my attitude is who cares how I feel, do it anyway.  It's clean enough, but there may still be some leaves in the pool.  Or water spots on the mirror.  Where the fuck do those come from?  They're always there.  They appear at the speed of lint.  Wipe, clean, gone.  BOOM, they're back.  Just like the lint in my jeans' pockets.  Skinny jeans do appear to allow less lint, so that's an added bonus for ridiculously tiny pockets that can barely hold a dime.

I love a day filled with possibilities.  Probably I won't do much besides daydream, but that counts, right?

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