Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tuesday and pancakes

My New Year's do-over didn't go exactly as planned, but it was a migraine-free day, so it still goes into the Plus Column.  I had a bit of a down day, some sadness and tears, barely any human contact (mostly by choice), and lots of Kitten snuggling. 

Kitten also had a difficult New Year's day.  She went out for her morning constitutional and got into a feline altercation.  I never saw the other cat, but Kitten was ready to come in early, puffy tail and all.  I stuffed her full of pork tenderloin, and she kept vigilant watch over her domain from the safety of inside.  Usually, she naps right away, but she stayed awake and patrolled the interior perimeter looking for interlopers for at least an hour.

Today, I was a bit hesitant to let her out, but she was so insistently whiny that I soon relented.  No fights today, and no injuries yesterday (that I noticed) besides her pride.

Apparently today is Fat Tuesday and Pancake Tuesday, depending on how you were raised.  I was raised by wolves, so I am appropriating both, minus any religious affiliations, of course.  I used sweetened, condensed milk in my Wendycoffee today, which I'm pretty sure counts as rich and extravagant food.  Maybe I'll make some high-protein pancakes later on.  With lots of butter.  But no syrup, because ewww.  Yeah, I know that's virtually un-American, but despite me using sweetened, condensed milk in my coffee, I'm not a big fan of sugar.

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