Saturday, February 6, 2016

am I doomed?

In searching for answers to my health and trying so very hard to find peace and contentment, I came across the ACE (adverse childhood experience) test.  The latest research links childhood adversities to diminished health as an adult.  Unsurprisingly my score was very high, although still in single digits, so yay? 

To complicate and intensify matters, I'm also a Highly Sensitive Person.  I haven't watched that movie yet, but the trailer made me cry already.  I read the book years ago and was both amazed and angry that it fit me so well.

No wonder I feel like I have to struggle so much to obtain a healthy homeostasis.  The decks were stacked against me since before birth apparently.  Again, I have that aha! feeling along with anger.  And two breaths later, I let the anger go because I'm way too old to blame my parents for any of my problems, including my fucked up migraine genes.  Plus anger isn't usually constructive.

Therefore, I'm left with insight, which I plan to use as a tool in my lifetime quest to better myself.  Fuck you, Prince Charming, you had only one dragon to slay.  I've been fighting these fkrs for decades.  Who's more impressive now?  :)

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