Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My first Tai Chi class was this morning.  I missed last week's class cuz it was too cold outside, and I was a wuss.  So now I had to try to play catch up.  It wasn't a pretty sight for my uncoordinated self.  Who knew this was so fkn tricksy?  At the end of our class, the Chinese guy took our picture in a pose.  I'm so sure he's taking it back to China to giggle at us all with his friends.  It reminds me of that sushi clip (which was taken down or else I'd link it) of Japanese people making fun of Americans for eating raw fish and using sticks to eat.  Ten minutes into the class, I was practically in tears and swearing to myself I would NOT be back next week.  I was so frustrated and couldn't figure out where my arms were supposed to be when my feet were like so.  But after 40 minutes or so, I started to feel the chi goodness of it all.  I decided I would try one more week, and next week is on the beach with no new steps to learn.

Afterwards, we all went to Denny's for breakfast.  I fkn hate Denny's, but I was starving and for some bizarre reason there are no delis anywhere around.  To add insult to injury, we had to wait for our table.  However we did get somewhat of a floor show with that.  Two old guys almost duked it out over a front row parking space.  It was funny seeing them, in shorts with their black socks pulled up too high, shouting and acting tough.  My friend was ready to cheer them on, but I almost walked over and asked them if they knew how stupid they looked.  Since one never knows about who owns what semi-automatic weapon, I let the moment pass.

Our waitress was godawful.  I wouldn't be happy to work there either, but FFS at least fake a smile when you're working for tips.  Then she sneezed twice while taking our order.  Wet sneezes.  I kept reminding myself I have a healthy immune system and a cast iron stomach.  Plus, I was starving.  My 1st breakfast had already worn off.  Tai Chi is hard stuff.  =)