Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LIGO my igo

Once I had it further explained to me by my friend, Einstein (how apropos), I'm even more excited about the LIGO announcement tomorrow.  As best as I can recall (from yesterday's conversation but gimme a break, this shit is hard), current scientists, with the help of modern technology, are about to further prove Albert Einstein's brilliance from a century ago.

Not only that, but there are double black holes involved.  Plus we get to say phrases like 'event horizon' without talking about the movie.  And there are waves, but not hair waves or tidal waves.  These are gravity waves, pushing and pulling time and space, which make cute chirping noises, if you convert the gravitational wave frequencies to sound waves.  [How long before they're auto-tuned into a pop song?]

You know that's gonna be my next excuse when I'm late or why I have a migraine.  The gravitational waves pushed time and space apart and made me late.  And my head explode.  Almost makes sense.  :)

For those of you who didn't get the title reference, this video is for you:

DISCLAIMER:  Any mistakes and inaccuracies here are my own intellectual failings and/or lame attempts at humor.

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