Tuesday, February 23, 2016

now with 50% more red

I used to go to fancy salons with high-end stylists.  And then I realized I was paying hundreds of dollars, and wasting hours of my time, to be somewhat happy with the results.  I figured I could do at least that level of mediocrity myself, for way less money and I wouldn't have to listen to three hours of inane hair salon chatter.  I started experimenting with cutting and coloring my own hair.

Sometimes I wanted to fire my stylist.  Fortunately, my hair grows fairly quickly and is voluminous enough to be more forgiving with shitty cuts.  Once I hacked off an entire damaged section in the back with no one the wiser.  Or at least no one brave enough to comment.  :)

I've switched colors (and brands of colors) over the years as I get bored.  Recently I couldn't find my new favorite color (magic red) locally, so I ordered it from Amazon a few months in a row.  And then they fkn ran out.  How is that even possible?  For two months.  Fuck you, Amazon.  [And fuck you again for raising the minimum free shipping to $49.]

I decided I needed to find a new color temporarily, so I went with REALLY FKN RED because it seemed the closest to what I had.  Halfway through the coloring process, I started having misgivings because it was REALLY FKN RED.  At that point, I was committed, so I finished up, rinsed it out, and was happy I had no major events coming up.   When I was at my brother's house last week, he didn't notice.  I took that as a good sign that I hadn't fucked it up too badly.

When I went to class, my Sensei noticed within two minutes of me saying hello.  He asked if I had a new stylist.  Without answering yet, I asked what he thought.  He said he loved it, so of course I took full credit then.  :)

A couple other friends have chimed in and voted for the new color, so I will be brave and try that for a while.  I have a box of each now, just in case.

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