Wednesday, February 14, 2018

why are faxes still so popular?

I've had 2 requests for me to fax forms in the past two days.  It's 2018.  Most people don't have fax machines or even landlines anymore.  We have so much more technology than we did 30 years ago.  Why aren't we using it?

I've been trying to get reimbursed for prescriptions I got in December for my eye surgery.  Eye-drops are expensive for the teeny tiny bottles.  I was told it's a simple process of getting reimbursed.  Once the COBRA coverage is live, just fill out this form and mail in original receipts.  Done.

And then they send a letter back saying blah blah blah something is incomplete.  Please call.

First call: "oh, not sure what happened, we'll look into that and call you back in 5 -10 business days."

Second call: "Hmm, no idea where that request went, we'll totally escalate now and contact you in 5-10 days."

Third call: "ha-ha, you'll never believe what happened, we forgot to hit submit on that escalation blah blah blah 5-10 days."

Fourth call: "I see all the notes of the many previous calls, please hold."          

35 min later: "we lost everything, please resubmit by fax."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

linky dinks

I keep getting requests from marketers to link to their websites from my blog.  They're all seemingly legitimate sites, which I wouldn't mind sharing with people.  But I hate going back and changing what I wrote previously.  Also, I looked back at some of the posts they wanted me to link from, and I was a much better writer then.  Just saying.

I think my goal this month is to be interesting again.  I've already failed with this one, but I can do better.  I know I can.