Thursday, September 21, 2017

so much debris

Some do-gooder asshole came up to me to ask me what I'm doing with my mango tree cuttings.  He tried to talk me into paying for removal.  It turns out that the city offers free removal.  In fact, so many cities need removal that they're saying it will take months to clear.  Cities are fighting over who pays more for debris removal trucks.

In a panicked desperation during hurricane preparation, I flipped my extremely heavy outdoor table upside down.  It's too heavy for me to lift and bring inside.  And I was worried that a wind-gust could get underneath and slam it into my windows.  I also did it last year before Hurricane Matthew.  Einstein helped me turn it over last year.  And we discovered several tiles had broken off.  He very kindly helped me to repair it.  And by helped me, I mean he did all of it, while I had a migraine.  FML.

This year, my tree-cutting friend flipped it back over for me.  And I decided I would fix it myself.  Go me!!  After some consultation with non-local friends, I used contact cement to glue the misplaced tiles down.  And heavy weights to hold them while they set.  I can still see which ones broke, but at least it's mostly intact.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

good news and bad news

My eye is still the same.  I had to cancel my previous follow-up visit because of the hurricane.  Doc said see you in a year unless anything else happens.  Yay.

The bad news is he was looking at my face through a magnifying lens and decided I have skin cancer.  I don't think he's wrong.  Fuck.  I knew this pimple lasted too long.  But I'd rather deal with that than eye surgery.  So all in all, it's a win, I guess.

I still have to see my neurologist and get my meds.  They lost power and had to throw them out and order more.  I guess it's not just Amazon being late with deliveries.  The couriers are having issues, too.  I feel like I'm falling behind and can't catch up.  

I tried a different grocery store after my eye doc.  I wore sunglasses because of my dilated eye and apologized profusely when I bumped into people.  I managed to get enough food this time, although it still wasn't all my first choice of products.  They said they lost power and had to throw everything out, so I'm assuming the meat I bought is safe.