Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Unless you have a migraine.  And then it's Hell on Earth.

Yes, I'm speaking of Disney World, more specifically, Animal Kingdom.  I wanted to see the new Pandora exhibit, which opened six months ago.  The day started off beautifully, and I felt great.  I was not able to procure FastPass status for either of the two Pandora rides because they were completely gone by 10am.  Disney's smartphone app was horribly invasive and ginormous.  So, I chose the shorter of the two wait-times and serendipitously, the calmer ride, in case the roller coaster fucked up my head.

Two years ago, when I went to Universal Orlando to see Harry Potter world, I was impressed by all of the detail in the building structures and character interactions while waiting in line.  Disney did not have that in the Pandora river ride.  They tried, but it was merely average, not extraordinary like the Disney of old.  The actual ride was pretty neat though.

As the morning progressed, I started getting warning symptoms.  I took meds right away.  They did nothing.  I took more.  Nothing.  I ate a healthy lunch in case that helped.  Nothing was stopping this migraine from throat punching my vacation.  Fuck!

I left the park at 3pm, thrilled to be able to go back to a dark hotel room, curl into a comfy bed, smash ice against my head, take even more meds, and bask in minimal stimulation.  No loud noises, no jarring rides, no bright colors, no strong odors.  Just quietude.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Iron Chef Morimoto

I was finally able to partake in Morimoto's delicious food extravaganza.  Somehow, it's never worked out when I was near one of his restaurants to dine there.  This time, I made a reservation a week early.  I was so excited to try his food, although I was fairly certain he was not actually in the restaurant while I was there.  I was expecting high-end ambiance along with the food.  Nope.

Glad I didn't dress up beyond my CBGB t-shirt and Doc Martens.  So many kids there, which surprised me considering the prices.  Tables were small and shoved together.  The inner atrium was gorgeous, but sounds traveled all over.  It was interesting to listen to the accents of people I wouldn't expect at a top-notch Asian restaurant.

The food was exquisite and allegedly flown in fresh from Japan daily.

Center Atrium
Best ribs I've ever eaten


Cream caramel dessert