Saturday, May 19, 2018

here, there be dragons

There was another #PokemonGOCommunityDay, starring Charmander this time.  It's a dragon in case the title didn't clue you in.  Last month I made friends with other players, and this month I felt part of the group.  Yay.  I was even invited to join in their pot luck at the park.

The bad news is that we are under Flood Watch because it's been raining for a week straight.  I've had migraine after migraine after migraine this week, but not one during the event.  Yay!  I got out my umbrella to take with me and realized that it would be hard to hold an umbrella and still play the game on my phone.  So I opted for the waterproof phone case instead.  I wore clothes and shoes that could get wet and went to play in the rain.

Holy smokes, I got soaked!  Except for my hair, which was still dry underneath because it's so thick.

It was kind of hilarious to see so many adults playing video games in the rain.  I saw one little girl who looked miserable, huddled in her jacket against the rain, while her parents were catching 'em all.  I gave her a big smile, but she was having none of it.  Mostly it was adults.

And most had an umbrella.  I bet their arms were cramped after a couple hours of holding it in that position.  I was happy with my choice to forego one because it was fun being carefree and getting rained on.

Shiny Charizard (the final evolution of Charmander)

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The first ever migraine preventative medication was FDA approved!!  It's the shot I've been clinical trialing for the past four years.  I've had so many friends and family texting me with the good news.  It makes me both happy and sad to be remembered.  Happy because someone cares enough to think of me.  And sad because that's how people know me, migraines so bad that a new medication is announced and OMG LET'S TEXT WENDY.

A journalist wanted to interview me for an article, but my doctor's office asked that I not do that.  I regretfully declined.  It's all proprietary protocols, I guess, not that I know anything of what goes into it.  I barely know the dosage.  I'm not usually one to be in the spotlight, but I feel strongly enough about migraine to override that concern.

I also feel like I'm disappointing my friends and family when I tell them that it didn't cure me.  Yes, I have improved, but only enough to take care of myself, not enough to hold down a job.