Sunday, February 21, 2016

digital decluttering

I've been working on cleaning my phone up.  I went from three home screens down to two, down to one, over the course of a few days.  I've also moved all of my apps down to the bottom, instead of across the face.  Now that I look at it on my PC, I think maybe I should move them to the top, so the words aren't covered. 

It's been an adjustment having to look for where I stowed an app.  You're probably wondering why I would do this to myself.  I used to pick up my phone because I was bored.  And then I would look through social media, messaging apps, etc. to see who/what could distract me.  That didn't seem very healthy.  Now, I look at my phone less and only when I have a purpose (mostly).

I still think I have too many apps sitting on my screen, but I'm not ready to whittle them down further yet.  If only I could clean out a closet or two this way.

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