Thursday, February 25, 2016

ripe papaya is best papaya

It seems if I wait four months for my papayas to ripen, they taste much better.  I wonder what the nutritional value is of green vs. orange papayas.  Bonus, no protein enhancements in the form of larvae.

My tree got blown down a month ago during a violent windy weather episode.  I have it staked upright with creative placement of my outdoor dining furniture.  That's right, it's staked with a very fancy swivel chair.  In my defense, I didn't want to do a lot of work just to find out the tree was infested and have to cut it down.

At least two crunchy spiders have set up shop on the furniture.  I've let them chill because they're kind of awesome, and they eat bugs.  They might even be the superheroes of the arachnid world.  Worried about your papayas?  Have no fear, SamuraiSpider is here!

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