Saturday, February 27, 2016

small act of kindness

I left class last night with plans to go to the grocery store and then home to bed.  I've had a long, exhausting week of pesky migraines.  The universe had other intentions for me though.  As everyone was racing off to their exciting plans (fancy dinners, visiting loved ones), one of my classmates noticed my tire was low.  I asked if that wasn't just because it was cold out, but it wasn't that cold really.  He said no way it would go that flat, and another classmate chimed in saying I probably had a puncture.  Thanks for being so helpful, mofo.

I think I had a deer in the headlights look, so he took pity on me and pulled out his elaborate air-pump doohickey and topped off both of my front tires.  He's a mechanic by trade, so he's very comfortable around cars.  For a smart person, I'm really stupid about and intimidated by cars, even though I love them.  We talked a bit while the pump was going.  I asked about under-inflating my tires for high-speed driving.  He explained that unless I was racing for hours, it should be a negligible effect. 

I thanked him and left.  I even risked stopping at the grocery store, and my tires looked fine when I came out.  I texted him when I got home thanking him again and letting him know I made it safely.  He sent a 'glad I could help' response. 

And he has no idea how much his kindness meant to me.  My eyes teared up as I drove home. 

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