Sunday, February 10, 2008

So wendyful to be home!!

Ugh, I was on another business trip last week, which was already too long before I even left. Apparently, I didn't quite understand the meaning of too long just yet.

I flew Spirit Airlines for a 40 minute flight, and they of course lost my bag, after charging me $10 to check it. When I inquired at the baggage claim what might have happened to it, I was answered with, "How would I know? I wasn't there".

I called Galahad when I left the house to let him know I caught my flight and that Kitten was very quiet and sad when I left. He called me when he got home to tell me she wasn't sad, she was hurt. FFS! I'm the worst mom ever!! How did I not notice that when she came home?? She had a huge puncture wound in her inner back leg abdominal area, as if she jumped down onto something sharp. Galahad took a day off of work and took her to the holistic vet. They didn't stitch her up since it wasn't a fresh wound by then, and they didn't want to seal in any bacteria.

Spirit continued with the shittiest attitude ever, that is when I could actually manage to get someone on the phone. I still had no idea where my bag was or if it would show up at all. There I was on the second day of my business trip in my same jeans, socks, etc. At least I had been able to borrow a shirt from someone who was not too much bigger than I. And the hotel gave me a complimentary toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.

After more than 24 hours with no sign of life from my bag, I blew off some evening meetings and went to buy some toiletries and new clothes to wear for the next 4 days. I truly hate shopping, but luck was with me, and I ended up with a semi-decent wardrobe in a few short hours. Did I mention yet that I also had a roommate (who was very cool thankfully) so I even needed to buy pajamas?

It felt so good to be able to unpack on my 2nd night there, and then wake up and put on fresh clothes! Of course I had the obligatory migraine and the not sleeping well the 1st two nights. Our meetings were endurance marathons starting at 7 am and going until past 10 pm or so.

By Friday I had had more than enough schmoozing and PowerPoints and desserts at every meal (okay maybe I sekritly still loved those!). I was worried about Kitten. I knew he was taking great care of her, but I still needed to see her and spoil her while she was hurting.

I still had the migraine from Tuesday morning. I also had about 14 hours of sleep total since then, even though I require 7.5 - 8 a night. Plus, my father-in-law was still in the hospital from last week. I really, really wanted to go home and not stay the next 2 days as originally planned. On Saturday, I checked airfares on Southwest to see about buying a one-way ticket home. I most certainly didn't want to fly Spirit again, although my luggage did magically show up finally, with only a tag stamped Nassau, Bahamas giving me any clue as to what happened. I never did get a phone call.

I finally got in touch with my manager and let him know that I had to leave early and miss the Saturday night party due to family obligations. It's kind of hard to explain to my mother-in-law that I can't help out because I'm at a company party. Thankfully my new manager is turning out to be quite a good guy.

Man, I was never so happy as to see my little Kitten Saturday night. :)