Monday, December 14, 2015

oh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla!

Here I am, minding my own business, working at my office desk, when I hear the telltale screeches of an iguana's claws walking across my window outside.  Sure enough, Kitten wakes up from her nap in her box on my desk, and stalks over to the window to investigate.  I expected to find the baby iguanas from a few weeks ago.  I was unprepared for the three and a half foot monster out there.  HOLY FUCK!

It's a mature male, with the orange dewlap and orange ridges across his back.  I was outside right there a few short hours ago, messing with the bushes.  OMG, I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED BY GODZILLA!  Or at least bitten or scratched.  They are vegetarian, but they tend to be highly aggressive, which is why I like when Kitten would catch and eat the babies.  I guess she missed this one.

He's either pissed at her for committing genocide on his kind or he sees his reflection in the window and wants to fight it.  I took many photos and videos, but most of my videos were not family friendly because I couldn't stop swearing.  This video seems okay.  For some reason, the sound effects play in the Vine app on my phone but not on the web.  The screeching of his claws is really eerie and scary.  Maybe it's better if you don't hear it.  [UPDATE: There is a small hidden mute icon in the upper left of the video window which shows only if you hover over it with your mouse.]

Kitten finally ran upstairs and is peeking out from the balcony.  I don't blame her one bit.  Part of me wanted to go outside and get better photos without the window in the way, and part of me wanted to hide under my desk.

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