Friday, April 1, 2016

fkn hate April Fools'

It's a day where it's socially acceptable, perhaps even desirable, to be an unfunny asshole.  This year, it started two days in advance.  Stop milking holidays, people.  This is why we can't have nice things.  And why Christmas displays go up before Halloween.

In other news, I wore my new boots yesterday.  With my thick Thorlos.  And they were comfortable as hell, albeit a bit heavy.  I scared Kitten when she heard me coming up the stairs the other day.  She didn't recognize my tread.  Now that I've worn them in the wild though, I won't be wearing them inside, so she won't have to get used to them.  I got complimented on them, which I'll take.  Does it still count if it was from a middle-aged mother of three?  :)  I haven't tried them with my skinny jeans.  Had to wear the boot cut for an ECG.

I finally tackled cleaning my pool.  Holy Fuck, it was filthy.  I did a shock treatment after scrubbing and skimming and swearing and sweating.  I let it run all night, and possibly it looks less green today.  After I wake up a bit more, I'll go out and scrub again.

I know they're hideous against that carpet.  Fortunately, it isn't mine.

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