Monday, April 4, 2016

just because I don't wear a tiara

Doesn't mean I'm not a princess.  The tiara would tangle in my curls obviously, so it isn't very practical.  Plus, it would annoy me during a migraine, although the Star Trek migraine device does look cool and tiara-esque.  It doesn't work that well apparently, especially the US version.  Therefore, I remain tiara-less but every inch a princess, even down to the well-earned dirt under my fingernails.  But I'm jumping ahead.

Practicing happiness for an hour a day is more difficult than it sounds.  Particularly with a migraine.  Fortunately yesterday's migraine was mild (if that's not too much of an oxymoron) and short-lived.  I had energy to spare, so I cleaned my pool.   Damn you, mango tree, for dropping so many blossoms and leaves into my pool!  Omg, just goofing, I love you, don't forsake me. 

And energy enough to start cutting down some foliage which is growing too close to the house, slaying my own dragon if you will.  I have only a tiny handsaw, so this will take more than one day.  (Slaying my own dragon with a dirk.)  It's a 20 foot traveler palm, and I'm a little leery about what happens when it falls and how heavy it will land.  I'm hoping if I kill it slowly, the water will drain out and make it lighter.  Plus, I'm way too lazy to do it all in one day.

Does washing my princess hair with coconut curlada make me happier or does being happy simply feel better with clean hair that smells amazing?  As you might have surmised, I had an excellent hair day, although I'm not sure Kitten appreciated it as much as I did.

Be kind to someone today, especially yourself.  Not only princesses need the extra kindness.

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