Friday, April 29, 2016

driving Miss Wendy

I went for my monthly migraine shot this week.  Of course while I was driving there, I started wondering why I'm driving so far for something I maybe don't even need.  I still had 86 migraines this year on it.  Maybe it isn't even working anymore.  Basically, I gave myself the opposite of a pep talk.  The kind of talk I imagine schizophrenics use right before they go off their meds and become homeless again.  'I'm fine, I don't need these chemicals in me.'

My logical brain overruled my emotional brain, and I went.  This time.  I imagine when this is released, and I'm the one deciding when to inject the pain of 100 red ant bites, that I may well delay it beyond the prescribed time.  As an aside, the nurses said some of the pain may come from injecting cold liquid into me.  They keep it frozen until my appointment.  Any of you scientists care to comment on the accuracy of that statement?

They also said that some of the older people with leathery skin don't complain about the pain.  First off, fuck off with your judgments.  Second, I prefer to think it still hurts them, but they've been dealing with migraine pain for decades, and they're the equivalent of Vikings at this point.  A mere minute-long burning is the much lesser evil of days' long migraines. 

Ironically, driving long distances can be a trigger for migraines for me.  So every trip to get this beneficial shot is a potential migraine.  That I didn't get one kind of makes me think this fkn shot is working.  Yay!

Remind me next month...

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