Saturday, April 23, 2016

life is a terminal disease

As Jim Morrison famously said, no one here gets out alive.  So much death this week.  Fortunately (for selfish me), no one I was extremely close with.  What the fuck happened this week?  Major earthquakes, beloved celebrity deaths, multiple execution-style killings.  It's all making my 49-hour migraine look like child's play.  Why was I even whining?

However, as I've been told, comparison is the ultimate thief of joy.  Does that apply only when I'm on the losing side?  I'm pretty sure gratitude comes into focus when I'm on the winning side.  Well, gratitude and guilt, of course, because guilt is insidious, like those tiny sugar ants, working their way into crevices.

But death is not to be feared.  It's easy.  Living is what's brutal.  Look at the suicide statistics that were released yesterday saying it's at a 30 year high.  Everyone has theories, but they all kind of underscore the point that life is fkn harder now.  Even as it has dichotomously gotten easier.

The death of someone is for the living to assimilate, not mandate, which takes away our illusion of control.  Scary shit.  Which brings us back full circle to fearing death, defined as either the ultimate loss of control or the ultimate way to control, depending on one's outlook.

Dunno about you, but I'm going to do something I can control and tell my friends and family how much they mean to me and snuggle my cat until I annoy her.

Annnd, she's annoyed.  :)

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