Thursday, April 14, 2016

pool boy tested, Totoro approved

In discovering (or remembering) my newfound independence, I've learned that I don't actually have to do it all.  It's okay to admit I can't do everything and to ask for help.  Or to pay for it.

I decided after fucking around with the un-openable chlorine tablet container that I would finally suck it up and hire a pool boy.  I'm doing a less than stellar job on my pool and not enjoying my pool in the slightest.  With summer coming up, and the rainy season only getting wetter, my pool will go greener faster.  It's light green again, by the way, because I procrastinated two days calling my neighbor to ask for the pool guy's number.

I went over to visit with Totoro.  We sat out by her nice blue pool, and it was lovely.  I admitted my defeat to her, and she applauded me coming to my senses.  I've asked around and her guy is the most reasonable.  Now that I'm getting refunded for the tablets, I might as well put that money toward someone else doing the labor and buying the chemicals.

We chatted about our families and friends.  And men!  Sssshhh, don't tell anyone.  She's 90-something, not dead, ffs.

Until her church lady friend came over.  Then we talked about politics, and I shut the fuck up after learning my lesson last time when she said she voted for Cruz because of his Christian values.  Gag.  We also spoke of church, of course.  And some new god movie that they're going to see.  Until I looked it up and saw it was rated 3.1 stars on IMDb.  I think Totoro may have changed her mind about going.  Oops.  Church lady will hate me now.

All I know about their religion is Martin Luther nailed his document to the Catholic church, which one of my old gaming friends taught me.  (Video games are educational, see?)  So I asked if Martin Luther King, Jr. was named after the original Martin Luther.  They both looked at me like what the fuck.  And said they didn't know.  Church lady said she doubted it because MLK was Baptist.  I whipped out my phone and looked it up.  Turns out he was named Michael Luther after his father, who went on a trip to Berlin and decided Martin Luther was a cool dude.  He came home and changed both their names.  Church lady was impressed and excited to share that with her church group.

And finally we talked basketball because they're both huge Miami Heat fans.  It's kind of hilarious.  One is 90+ and the other is 78 years old.  I looked up the time of the game last night and made them both happy.  I tried to bring up the Golden State Warriors and their quest to break the Bulls' record for winning-est season.  Neither one cared.  It's Heat or nothing.  :)   [Side note: The Warriors did indeed win last night and broke the Bulls' record for anyone who cares.] 

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