Thursday, March 24, 2016

pure flowers, pure power

Because I love flowers so much.  And because I love boots so much.  I combined my love of the two.  Not sure if these are an abomination or the best thing ever.

They're also not as comfy as I'd imagined.  I should probably stop buying boots online.  But, they were on sale.  They were Docs.  There were flowers.  What else did I need to know?  I'm hoping the leather softens and does so before I get huge blisters on the backs of my ankles.  My thicker Thorlos may save the day.

I'm wearing them now, and the thicker socks definitely help.  I wonder how ridiculous I look wearing them with shorts.  Whatevs, it's hot out, and Kitten doesn't seem to mind my atrocious fashion choices.

Did you notice the awesomely long boot straps?  They actually work and aren't just there for aesthetics.  Now I can literally pull myself up by the bootstraps.  Okay, I suppose it's still figuratively, but it's closer on the continuum to literally.

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