Friday, April 8, 2016

fkn swindlers

I took my car for a much needed oil change.  I've no idea why cars give me so much anxiety, but maybe it can be traced back to college days when I had a mechanic keep breaking stuff to get me back a few weeks later each time.  So he could ask me out.  Fkn asshole.  And he admitted it.  Dumbass.  Anyway, I finally worked up my courage to get the oil changed for a fairly decent price at the dealership.  Yeah, yeah I know, but they've been pretty honest and reliable over the years.  I thought maybe dealerships had turned a corner.

So wrong.  When I went to pick up the car, they had a list of items I needed to fix ASAP, which totaled over $3,000.  YIKES!  My dad had picked me up from the dealership while it was being worked on and took me to his house for snacks and computer repair.  He also kept bragging about his mechanic and brought me by to introduce me.  And so he could eat one of their doughnuts.  :P

I called my auto-genius of a brother and asked his opinion.  He told me half the list was unnecessary bullshit.  Cheatsy fkrs.  And the other half was necessary maintenance but way overpriced.  However, I could call and haggle.  Fuck that shit.  I called my dad's mechanic, and he quoted me way under half price and threw in a power steering flush for free.  I made the appointment before my anxiety could make me weasel out of it.

What the fuck is wrong with me?  Why does this stress me out?  I wasn't overly inconvenienced.  I can afford the reasonable repairs (thank you tax return).  The good news is I didn't need any Xanax or rum today, so that's a bonus, right?  And only a few tears were shed.  Fuck, what is the major malfunction inside my head?  I'm making a resolution today to start being more responsible with my car maintenance now that I have a trustworthy mechanic.  And he's never even seen my car yet.  :)

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