Sunday, April 24, 2016

what's in your pool?

A fkn dinosaur was in mine.  But a tiny one.  Or a GIANT curly-tailed lizard, the largest one I've ever seen.  Except I read they can get up to 11 inches long.  FUCK!!  That must include the tail, right?  Right??  In that case, maybe not much bigger than the one I rescued yesterday.  Let's hope I don't encounter any larger ones.  Especially when I need to interact with it.

This little guy did NOT want to be rescued.  He fought off that pool net valiantly.  I was scared of crushing a leg or a tail, so I kept approaching him gingerly.  I think I finally wore him down, doing laps down my pool (him, not me).  Plus the water was cool enough that it probably lowered his core temperature way below comfort level.  It was almost too cold for me. 

I forgot that most people (including my pool guy) use way more chlorine than I do (hence my pool always on the verge of green) because the smell of chemicals bothers me.  I hope Mr. Lizard didn't get poisoned.  I hope I didn't get poisoned either.  I could smell the chlorine while I was in the pool.  Yuck.

I didn't stay in long.  Once I noticed the bee hanging on my floaty, I was done.  He might have been dead already, but I wasn't taking chances.  That was enough nature for me.  :)  Yes, I potentially rescued him, too.

curly-tail clinging to the side for dear life

drying out and warming up in the sun

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