Saturday, April 2, 2016

revenge of the April Fools' Goblin

Crushing migraine last night, and today isn't looking better.  Three doses of Imitrex, including an injection, barely touched it.  I took an Imitrex/Excedrin cocktail this morning before even getting out of bed.  Fuck my life.  I have no idea what triggered it.

Sometimes I can sleuth along and deduce it was a major storm front that triggered me.  Or hormones.  Or Zika.  Or that one onion that snuck (sneaked doesn't seem correct even though it is) onto my burger.  I ate healthy yesterday.  And most of this week.  Who am I kidding?  Most of my last decade has been fairly healthy because I like to avoid this kind of pain.

Maybe the April Fools' Goblin gave it to me because I disparaged his holiday.  Several times.  Fuck, I hate the stupid bullshit jokes, and the people who encourage it and laugh at them.  I love to laugh and will find almost any excuse to, but those simply annoy me.  Or perhaps I was extra annoyed because irritability can be a precursor symptom to migraine.

Just when I was getting a handle on my pool cleanup, I'll be out of commission all weekend again.  Once this migraine finally clears (PLEASE PLEASE CLEAR TODAY), the postdrome is gonna be ugly while all these meds vacate from my body, and I rest from the racking pain.

The pool lightened to a friendlier shade of green and finally to blue yesterday.  I cleaned gobs more mango blossoms and leaves from the bottom of the pool.  Today will need more.  Maybe I can talk myself into 5 minutes of it.  Just 5 minutes.  Surely I can muster enough energy (without puking) to skim for 5 minutes.  Fuck my life.  And quit calling me Shirley.

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