Saturday, April 16, 2016

half dollar or golf ball?

Yesterday, some particularly nasty weather rolled into town and punched my brain a few times.  I was medicated most of the day (Excedrin for breakfast, anyone?) even while it was still sunny out -- the calm before the storm, so to speak. That's the apparent evolutionary advantage for migraines.  I get preemptively sick, and force my party to find shelter ahead of the bad weather.  You're welcome, fkrs.  Not everyone listened to me though because there was a local death due to lightning.  :( 

Once the bad weather hit, I was tucked into bed and safe from the elements.  I canceled my dinner plans by 3pm and hoped my friends adjusted their plans accordingly.  My phone kept blowing up with alerts from my weather app.  I got so many that I received a new (to me) notification letting me know that the app was significantly draining my battery.  

The hail warnings were the scariest somehow.  It went from 'you should probably go inside to avoid discomfort' to OMFG, SEEK SHELTER NOW OR YOU WILL DIE and then back again.  For hours.  Each new hail report changed the size from ping pong, nickel, golf ball, to half dollar.  That got me curious enough to look it up.  It's been a while since I've seen a half dollar.  I couldn't remember the exact size of it.  Have kids today ever seen one?

It turns out there's a whole official chart dedicated to hail size.  I followed along on Twitter, seeing that people all around me were finding hail outside.  I was curious to see if any landed here, but apparently not curious enough to get out of my warm, cozy, dry bed to check.  Can't fight evolution.

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