Thursday, March 31, 2016

not all blogs are created equal

I was asked to write a blog post for work.  Of course I said yes, even though my initial reaction was that's not my job.  But then I started thinking, I love writing every day, why wouldn't I want to do this.  And the answer is because I couldn't use salty language on it.  Plus, the whole point was to be positive.  Which doesn't always describe me.  I can be positive, but usually, I'm a realist with a positive slant.

I embraced it wholeheartedly and wrote a semi-decent post.  Which hasn't been published as far as I know.  I was ghostwriting for someone in marketing, which had me a bit nervous, until I read some of his posts.  He's a nice guy, but there is much value in editing.  Just saying.

Even if it's never used, I got a gold star from my manager.  And it makes me a team player.

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