Friday, December 4, 2015

making it rain

It's still pouring here.  In fact, we're under flood watch now.  Fortunately, I stopped crying two days ago, so I no longer need the rain to camouflage my tears.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't stop.  The weather was so bad yesterday that they postponed the rocket launch from yesterday to today, although that may not be enough.

I mentioned that I might share some of my recent dumb-ass purchases with you guys.  With 100% humidity in the air, I can use all the help I can get with my hair, so it was fortuitous that my new hair products arrived first.  No, I haven't tried them yet because I'm being stubborn and forcing myself to use up at least one old tube first.  The one on the left smells divine.  I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.  I've been using extra of my regular stuff, Tresemme Curl Definition Jelly, because of the weather and because I'm anxious to try the new.  It makes my hair feel like straw though.  Ugh.  But it does keep the frizz at bay.  I wish I had read the reviews on it before I impulse bought it at the store. 

Kitten was not pleased this morning when she tried to take her morning constitutional.  She went out the back, didn't like the rain, and came in the front.  Then, she immediately tried to go out the back again.  She sniffed, came back inside, and tried the front once more.  After a few times in and out, she gave up and is curled up in her box, sleeping off a belly full of pork tenderloin.

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