Monday, November 30, 2015


I kind of assumed that the one upside of being dumped was that I wouldn't have to bother much with Christmas shopping this year.  My email inbox is getting plastered with pre-Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving deals, Black Friday deals, Small Business Saturday deals, and today, Cyber Monday deals.  I don't really need anything, so I've been deleting them by the dozen.

Eight purchases later, what the fuck just happened?  A couple are legitimate gifts for underage family members because kids deserve presents no matter how shitty I feel.  The rest are, um, I'm not sure.  I stocked up on my supplements because I'm terrified to be without CoQ10 or magnesium.  And then the rest were me being suckered in.  Dumb-ass.  So much for trying to save money now that I'm a one income household.

I may share with you my dumb-ass purchases as they arrive.  Or I may be too embarrassed that I succumbed to gdam American consumerism.  Remember how I was whittling down my hair product supply?  Yeah, that's right out the window.  I'd better hurry and use up a couple more before those (yes plural, dumb-ass) arrive.  I guess I'll be set for the next several months (years).  Don't let me buy anymore, okay?  No matter how highly they're recommended by women with the exact same hair as me living in the same humidity levels.

As an aside, I still have plenty of readers, so I guess that means I'm still a unicorn (not that kind).  Sweet!

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