Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I love the smell of raw meat in the morning, smells like victory

My Sensei invited me to a regular martial arts class last night and promised me no hitting or being hit.  There's some comfort I suppose, when feeling this pain, to know that it was all self-inflicted.  And my knuckles aren't bleeding, which is another bonus.  He was genius and invited me first thing in the morning while I still had energy, and I enthusiastically accepted.  I was feeling a bit rundown about 3 pm and wondering how the fuck I could make it to class, let alone participate.

I had already spent a few hours with my dad at lunch, shopping for 12 pounds of meat for Kitten at his big box store, and hanging out listening to old stories, which I love.  By the way, I usually am not a fan of self-checkout, except when I'm buying so much meat, so I can avoid the inevitable 'are you having a BBQ?' question, which I answer with, no it's ALL for my cat.  And then it becomes awkward.  Whatevs, she's healthy and happy, and I save on vet bills.

I cut up eight pounds of it this morning, divided it into baggies to freeze, and froze the last four pounds whole.  She patiently watched me and waited for her meal.  Now, she's passed out in her little patch of sunshine.

My whole body aches.  I've been taking magnesium like candy.  Which is not a great analogy because I don't eat much candy.  Hmm, I'll have to work on coming up with a new expression.  I came home last night, crammed lots of cold leftovers into my mouth, and then dragged my sorry ass upstairs to soak in a magnesium bath.  I figured I'd be asleep by 9 pm.  It didn't quite work out that way.  And next thing I know, I had another six-hour-sleep night.

We did lots of leg and ass work last night, so my legs are pretty useless right now.  I'm very glad I have handrails on my stairs.  Of course we finished up the leg exercises with 50 or 80 push-ups.  I lost count after the 3rd or 4th set of 10.  And finally some abdominal work just to remind me every time I fkn laugh.

I'm a bit perplexed why putting my body through 90 minutes of punishment is so good for me, and why I continue to do it.  For years.  At least now that I'm in the migraine clinical trial, my workouts don't trigger migraines every time. Go me!

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