Tuesday, December 22, 2015

the future is coming

If you missed the amazing rocket launch AND FKN LANDING yesterday, you'll be happy to know it was recorded for posterity.  Don't I wish I had been there to see that one, too??  Laugh, I'm so greedy.  Give me one, and I want three.

I don't always love the future though.  It feels way too intrusive at times.  Like wanting to scan my fingerprints everywhere I went in Universal Studios.  What the fuck is up with that?  You wanna enter after you've paid the equivalent of a month's rent, scan your fingerprint.  You want to store your items (which is mandatory) in a locker before a ride, scan your print.  Pick them up?  Scan again.  I was almost surprised I didn't have to scan them to use the ladies room.  Which I totally forgot to mention Moaning Myrtle was in.  Squee!

Another 'improvement' I don't like?  Fkn inside out sushi rolls.  They have become so standard these days, that fkn millennials think inside out means seaweed on the outside.  What the fkn fuck?  And apparently so does the waitstaff.  Because that's how my millennial friend ordered them (inside out) last night, and they came seaweed outside.  We got into a argument, and if I hadn't been eating sushi for 20 years, I might have doubted my own knowledge.  She was one hundred percent certain of that.  And the kicker?  She used to work in a sushi restaurant.

Status updates: 
No sign of the catnip mousie Kitten absconded with a few days ago. 
No sign of Godzilla, even when I went closer to investigate (because I felt brave with my boots on).

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