Saturday, December 5, 2015

these boots were made for walking

Or stomping.  Or dancing?  I guess I'll find out once I wear them for more than five minutes.  They seemed comfy.  The inside is pretty, too.  And Kitten loved the box.

As you might have surmised, this was another recent purchase of mine.  Because even though I have 23 thousand pairs of boots, I have none like these.  They called them motorcycle boots, however they look nothing like my real Dianese motorcycle boots.  I'm guessing they're 'fashion' motorcycle boots, which are still a damn sight cheaper than real ones.  Plus these were 50% off because shopping for sales is an American pastime.  Basically, it would have been wrong to pass this deal up.  And I was weak.  I wanted to get Doc Martens, but I keep reading the quality has gone downhill since they stopped making them in the UK.  These might be my fave, but they weren't on sale.  One day...

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