Saturday, December 19, 2015

hi, my name is Wendy, and I'm an addict

I went all the way to Trader Joe's last night because I crave their peanut butter pretzels when I get a migraine, and I like to stock up when I'm not having one.  And they were out of the salted kind.  Wtf.  Why even bother making an unsalted kind?  Guess who bought it anyway because I was desperate.  I asked one of the employees if she could check the back.  She did and told me they were on order.  I asked her if she had tried the unsalted variety, and she looked a little put off.  I said I guess I could try them, lick one, and then dip it in salt before eating.  Haha, you should have seen her expression!  But then she laughed.  I guess I'm supposed to be proper at my age.  Oops.

And I may have accidentally gotten more hair product.   Sigh.  In my defense, people have been recommending their Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner for years.  And I keep forgetting to buy it.  Plus, I have a hair product addiction.

Is it just me, or is there a weird type of man who shops at Trader Joe's?  And if I'm into the same type of foods and healthy lifestyle, why do they annoy me?  And then I got more bent out of shape behind some Juggalo types in the checkout line.  One of the mofos had his face tattooed.  And not just one, several.  He even did his eyelids, but only the edges, like makeup.  I know, I know, stop being so judgmental, Wendy.  Perhaps I was just hungry and taking out my aggression on others. 

I'm not sure why I bought more hair stuff.  After my workout this week, I can't even lift my arms to wash my hair.  I barely was able to drag my sorry ass up the stairs.  It's been a while since I've worked out, and I'm out of shape.  Plus, I was feeling good finally, so I pushed myself. I foresee a few Epsom salt baths in my future.

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