Sunday, December 27, 2015

found the mousie!

Kitten was cleverly hiding it in plain sight.  Damn her keen intelligence.  And my low visual acuity.  I'm just happy she didn't ingest it.  I guess the catnip wore off because she was completely ignoring it.  Glad she isn't outside on the corner trading her shiny belled-collar for more catnip drugs.

Kitten:  "It's sparkly, white, and only slightly used.  How much 'nip can you give me for it?"
Catnip Dealer:  "It looks a little frayed."
Kitten (thinking on her feet):  "That's not wear and tear, that's artistic fraying like humans with their $100 jeans."
Catnip Dealer:  "Because I like you and you have moxie, my best price is a quarter teaspoon of 'nip."
Kitten:  "Sold."

And that's how she lost her white rhinestone collar.  And the previous 63 collars before that.  I look at every cat suspiciously now to see if they're wearing any of her old collars.  I'm happy she's out of her rebellious teenage phase.

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