Monday, September 7, 2015

yellow suitcases

Two steps forward, one step back.   2:30 am, and I'm wide awake from nightmares.  With several yellow suitcases in it.  That wasn't the scary part, fkrs. 

One of my bitchy, nosy neighbors had a cameo asking what I was going to do about being all alone with my three stalkers.  [Fortunately, I have zero currently in real life.]  Bitchy neighbor didn't even listen to my response once it was apparent that I had a logical plan.  Trust me, you wouldn't like her either.  She's the type who can give you good news, but in such a bitchy, nasty tone, that you just want to get violent.  I typically avoid her whenever possible and see her about two times a year when I can't.

Not sure why the yellow suitcases were involved.  All four (or five?) were empty, but I was trying to move them by nesting them within themselves.  And they were hard-sided.  It was a futile task.  One of my friends (whom I haven't seen since I was 21 or so) showed up to help me carry them to my car.  He gave me a big hug and kiss, and then I didn't see him again in the dream after he carried them outside.  One cameo for good and one for evil?

I also had a yellow bicycle to move.   It was brand new, so maybe that's a good sign?  (Let's not mention the fact that I'm analyzing my dreams and looking for signs.)

And something about blueberries.

I'm either a cowardly mess running from my past.  Or I'm optimistically exploring my futures in an organized fashion.  Across many universes. 

I blame my nightmares on the $167 eye-drops.  Yes, you read that correctly.  (Wtf is in those?)  But with my slacker health insurance that is covering the bare minimum on all of this, it was down to the low, low price of $35.  I think that works out to $1 a drop, with my discount.  Whatevs, I'll gladly pay out my last dollar and be homeless and broke if it lets me still see.  Kitten will hunt for our food.

The nightmares definitely couldn't have been from the peanut butter pretzels I ate right before I fell asleep.  I usually crave those during a migraine (that I'm hoping my body is trying to reject).  

I fell asleep again and was in a hotel room that had its own private church.  WTF, right??  Later on, a crazy man (not sure I can point fingers anymore) stole my favorite socks.  And a lawyer accused me of hacking her data while I was in the witness box.  I can't even begin to look these up and pretend they mean anything.  I'm leaning toward the 'fighting off a migraine' theory.

You guys are my new middle-of-the-night BFF.  So thanks for that.  :)  Pssst, here's where you say: "The mind has its own way of dealing with unresolved emotions.  Think of dreams as healing exercises for your subconscious."  Because you're wise.  And kind.

I wonder how long I can blame shit on my eye.  At least as long as it's still aggressively dilated, right?  Right??

Tomorrow I need to go back to work.  Yikes.  There is no end in sight with this dilation.  I'll have to put on my big girl pants.  Junior size 1 counts, right?   At least I'm not a 00 anymore.   Because I'm all swole.  Solid muscle, baybee.  Which might melt away after three weeks sans workout.  

If while drinking my Wendycoffee, I hesitated before posting this, it means I still have some sanity left, correct?   Ssshhh, just agree with the crazy lady.  ;)

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