Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Here's mud in your eye!

Or salt as may be the case with me.  With some sand thrown in for texture.  And glue to hold the whole mess together.  Or that's just how it feels.

You might have surmised that I had my eye surgery, and you would be correct.  This was a hell of a lot more serious surgery than when they repaired the retinal tear last time.  I had an anesthesiologist for one, who was stymied when he read my list of supplements and saw ubiquinol.  And still didn't know wtf I meant when I said CoQ10.  And looked even more perplexed when I said it helps with migraines.  The nurse's ears perked up however and knew of several women close to her who might benefit and had me repeat and explain it all a couple of times.  In any case, he seems to have done his job properly because I don't remember going into the operating room and woke up just as the doc was finishing my own private laser light show.  I was even lucid enough to ask a few questions of the surgeon before he rushed off to his golf game.

I was wheeled into a recovery room in a contraption that might occur if a wheelchair had an affair with a lazy-boy recliner and had offspring.  It even had it's own side-table built on.  On which they served the shittiest snacks ever.  I was starving and felt dehydrated (nothing to eat or drink since the night before), so I feasted on peanut butter and orange crackers, with a side of bottled water.  Yuck, but yum!  I ate just enough to sate my hunger for the 10 minute drive home (yes I had a friend chauffeur me. Thanks again!) where I had tons of delicious leftovers, like sushi, Colombian meats, and pork belly.   As you can see, I made the most of my last meal.  Or meals, since I may have milked it for a bit.  :)

That was the only smudge against this surgery center.  The nurses were so incredibly nice.  All 8 or 9 with whom I interacted.  They even warmed up the blankets before ensconcing me in them.  Every single time.

Now, I need to wait until they remove the bandages, and maybe even a few more days after that, before I'll know how it affected my vision.  I'm holding out hope (based on the size of my bill) that they gave me a bionic eye a la Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

Really, I'd be ecstatic for near normal vision, though.  But a girl can dream, can't she?

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Randy Culp said...

Eye surgery! …. Ugh and Sorry. Hope you have a complete recovery.

OK, slowly catching up, and still trying to figure out where I left off, and when.

Sorry to read about G. I am sure you are creating a wonderful new path in life. What can I say I’m an optimist!