Friday, September 25, 2015

my new favorite

I normally hate shopping, but my new favorite store is Home Depot.  People are so nice there.  And not just the employees, but the customers, too.  They really ought to add a lounging area, like at Barnes and Noble or Starbucks.  I would totally make that my new hangout spot.  Especially since my current hangout spot is my couch.

Everyone is so friendly, always smiling, even though they're probably knee-deep in home repairs or problems.  Even waiting in line, people are charming.  How is that even possible??  I can't believe I was ever intimidated to go in there.  Wtf was wrong with me?  I haven't tried other locations.  I almost don't want to know if mine is magical or they all are.  Although, now I'm wondering if others are EVEN better.

Don't get greedy, Wendy, stay grounded.  What a universal human truth, the more we have, the more we want.  The other preceding, universal truth about me is that I'm lazy, so I would never go to other stores because they're out of my way.  Even if they were more magical.

Maybe this is where the fairy mounds are finally emerging.  In Home Depots across the nation.  Time does seem to disappear there, just like in Underhill.

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