Thursday, September 10, 2015

My scar looks remarkable

Best pick-up line ever?  I wish I could say that was the first time I had someone compliment one of my scars.  Sigh.

I saw the doc today for about 2.5 minutes.  There goes another $500, I'm sure.  I refused more dilation drops (which they notated in my chart; probably labeled me as difficult).  Yes, they tried to add more to my ALREADY FULLY DILATED EYE.  Fkrs.

The nurse asked about headaches.  I started elaborating about the multitudinous migraines from the dilation.  I'll see your headache and raise you to infinity with multi-day migraines.  Then she asked about my vision, and that's when the tears started.  She was not expecting that.  (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.)  She tried to reassure me that it might take longer than a week to regain my vision.  I was somewhat mollified.  Of course, then she went to take my blood pressure.  Surprise, surprise, it was higher than my usual, but still normal enough.

Doc approved me for light exercise.  Wtf does that mean?  No jostling or jogging he said.  Okay, I figured martial arts is out.  He rushed me, so I never asked about squatting.  But he said curls were fine.  You don't think he meant my hair, right???   :)

I finally was able to clean my pool.  Yay!  Except for the giant dead wolf spider floating in it.  I left him in the pool, in case he was faking it.  Don't click that link if you have a phobia.  It freaked me out, and I was expecting it.   /shudder

Maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight.  Last night was filled with anxiety and podcasts.  And Kitten.  I wonder if she's catching my anxiety because she usually doesn't stay that long.  Feral-born Torties aren't known for their excessive snuggles.

And I can finally resume sleeping like the Vitruvian Man.  According to Amy Cuddy, this will give me my power back.  Powerful, with remarkable scars.  Winning combo, am I right??

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