Sunday, September 27, 2015

everyone knows it's Wendy

Okay so it's actually 'everyone knows it's Windy' but when Southerners say my name, they pronounce it Windy.  So it almost works.  I used to hear it constantly sung to me when I was a kid.  And people still remember it and randomly sing it to me or about me.

I've always loved it for being upbeat and describing me fairly accurately.  I used to smile at everybody I saw until that started getting me in trouble.  It sucks that a smile can't just be a friendly gesture.  Now, people read too much into it.  No, I'm not coming on to you.  You'd know it if I were.  No, I don't want anything from you.  I'm fiercely independent and terrible at asking for anything.  I just like smiling as it lifts my mood, too.

I miss the innocence of childhood, although mine certainly didn't last long.  Somehow I was savvy enough to know at age 10 when a pedophile wasn't just asking me directions and actually wanted more.  No, nothing happened, except I ran all the way home from school that day and cried.  (No, I never outgrew my need for crying.)  I didn't even tell anyone the second time it occurred because nothing happened the first time I mentioned it. I just learned to be smarter and developed situational awareness.  I also developed a suspicious nature. 

I let this song disappear for many years out of my life but brought it back because it's just so upbeat and makes me smile.

Anyway, that's another of my current theme songs.

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