Monday, August 17, 2015

Can I get a show of hands?

Who else had iguana for breakfast?  Yes, that is an iguana hand.  Or technically a foot.  I like to anthropomorphize animals if you hadn't noticed.

Yesterday Kitten didn't want to eat her pork tenderloin.  So I did.  Yes, I cooked it first before I ate it.  No, I didn't get sick although apparently I worried a friend by mentioning it because it may have sat out for a bit before I cooked it.  To be fair, probably I shouldn't have started my text with, "Am I gonna die?" when I inquired about food safety.  It was delicious.  Don't get all squicked out because it was perfectly good pork tenderloin, even if my cat was too finicky to appreciate it at the time. 

She typically eats very well on her raw food diet, but I guess she likes grass-fed iguana when they're in season.  Today she decided to make her own meal, eschewing the organic chicken waiting for her. 

I hope everyone is starting the week off on the right foot.  :)

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