Saturday, September 26, 2015

owwwie, but the good kind

Yay, I finally made it back to my martial arts conditioning class because the eye doc said no more restrictions.  Holy owwww!  I picked a harsh night to come back.  Sensei even took it a bit easy on me, but with everyone else pushing hard, I felt extra motivated.

He partnered me up with a girl half my age (or thereabouts) and as flexible as a toddler.  In his defense, it's tricksy to find anyone in my weight-class.  One-legged squats while holding your partner's leg isn't nearly as easy as it sounds.  Sensei steadied my hip to make sure I didn't crash and burn and pull her down with me.

We did eleventy-five types of push-ups, including the brutal Superman ones with arms straight forward.  I haven't done those in years and wasn't sure I still could.  I managed four, although I could have pushed myself and done more, but I didn't want to show off.  ;)  The young 19-year-old man who looked to be in excellent shape and regularly takes the real martial arts classes during the week couldn't even do one.  Go me! 

A few of us went out to eat afterward, and I scarfed down double what I normally do.  I had expended way more calories than I've done for weeks.  Of course, we talked for over an hour, laughed extensively, and had tons of fun.  The laughter hurt every time because we had just done such an ab-intensive workout.  Which made us laugh even more. 

I came straight home (after a brief thought of grocery shopping that I nixed with a quickness) and into an Epsom salt bath, with extra scoops of pharmaceutical grade Epsom.  I was so exhausted that I had to cut my bath short or risk falling asleep in it.  I melted into my bed expecting to drift into sleep immediately.  Which I was on the path of, until my body started crying with how much it was aching.  I took some more magnesium, which helped enough to fall asleep.  Five hours later, I woke up in pain again and took even more magnesium before going back to sleep.

I feel great today!  It's been so long since I've done a hard class like that.  It's virtually impossible to have insomnia after that.  Even with Thor starting his theatrics again.  Kitten disappeared under the bed after the third crash of thunder, and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I had plans for running errands today, like the groceries I briefly thought about getting last night.  I'm using ice cream in my coffee because I ran out of cream.  And I need chlorine for my pool because of the multitude of plant matter that the tree-trimmers inadvertently dropped in my pool, then add in all of the storms, and now it's slightly green.  But my body is so exhausted today that I foresee a lazy day of reading and moving from couch to couch to bed, with maybe another hot bath in there somewhere.  And lots of food.

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