Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two weeks, two weeks. You sound like a parakeet

(Bonus points if you know the movie.)

My eye is slowly healing, but the dilation isn't budging.  I totally could be the model for this mydriasis photo on Wikipedia, except I shape my eyebrows much better, ffs.

I started DDG'ing extended pupil dilation and my procedure and scared myself into calling the on-call doctor instead of waiting for a three-day weekend to end.  He called back within two minutes and told me that it's perfectly normal to last up to two weeks.  Which I'm sure he just made up, hence the title of this post.  The receptionist told me a few days when I called previously.  Now the story is two weeks.  I'm not even sure why I bother asking anything because they all give me wildly differing answers.

I even texted my friend who had gone with me to verify if I missed this pertinent detail.  Nope.

In happy news, my dad brought over more packages of bacon for me this morning, so I am no longer in danger of running out before I can drive again.

In even happier news, I slept eight hours last night.  I did wake up several times, but I managed to go right back to sleep most of those times.  Yay!

And, in happiest news, I am migraine-free for over 36 hours.  Yippee!  I wonder if my brain is finally getting used to the dilated eye and excessive light.  Or maybe staying inside like a vampire is helping.

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