Sunday, September 20, 2015

2 sleeps sleeper

Maybe I don't have insomnia.  Maybe I've migrated from sleeping eight hours straight every night to what our ancestors used to do, sleep 3-5 hours twice a night.  Instead of tending the fire or the cows, I wake up after a few hours to tend Kitten and check that the house is secure.  And I work through residual emotions in the peace and quiet of nighttime, some mental reflection if you will.  I'd like to sleep more hours total, but I end up with about seven hours anyway.  Or maybe I'm fooling myself.

I've installed blue light blockers on my PCs and phones.  I've removed cool light-bulbs and installed warm ones.  I have dark curtains in my bedroom.  I refuse to get a back-lit Kindle and instead use my old one, which requires me to turn on a light.  Or gasp, I read an actual book.  Those still foil me at times, when I try to see what time it is on it.  Or want to look up a word with which I'm not familiar.

I also try melatonin occasionally, but it has been known to induce nightmares or fuck up my hormones.  I'm still working on what dosage might be best for me, if any.

I quit fucking around and bought a 25lb bag of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt for pre-bedtime relaxing baths. Plus, baths are just fun, especially when I add scented oils, although Kitten still watches suspiciously like why the fuck are you doing this to yourself?

I've basically done everything on this Top Ten List of how to sleep better, although I will admit how hard it can be to rid myself of worries before sleeping.  Sometimes I get stuck in places inside my head.  I've tried meditation, but I'm a huge multi-tasker, and I suck at quieting my mind completely.  It's why I've leaned so heavily on podcasts before bedtime.  I can let my monkey mind chew on something interesting, but non-stressful, while also trying to quiet it down.

Does moving from one full sleep to two half-sleeps mean I've progressed or regressed?

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