Friday, September 11, 2015


Really?  Serial killer nightmares?  I couldn't just get one good night's sleep?  I even disturbed Kitten, who was sleeping nicely nearby.  I'm trying to forget the filth and blood-flies.  Ugh.  I'll spare you the rest, although that was kind of the worst.  Mostly just the forensic team gathering evidence.  

And no, I hadn't been reading anything like that before I slept.  It was a kid's book on King Arthur FFS.  A friend sent me some light reading to cheer me up.  Because I have awesome friends.  Thanks!  

I went to sleep on a happy positive note.  I managed to get 5.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep beforehand, so that's something.  And *I* wasn't the serial killer or the victim, so that's a bonus, too.  That's really stretching to figure out my gratitude, isn't it?  'Hey guys, I had a great Thursday night, I wasn't a serial killer!'

In looking up dream meanings, it seems this is way more common of a dream than I suspected.  Who knew so many people (maybe even the fkr right NEXT to you) dreamt of serial killers??  I like this meaning the best.  Because I'm a special snowflake.  :)  Apparently not many people dream of the forensic team that has to clean up and investigate it because after 10 seconds of searching, I found nothing.  I guess I am a special snowflake, after all.

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