Friday, September 4, 2015

Blinding me with science, now with more Pluto

I've been feeling like Elle Driver (aka California Mountain Snake) from Kill Bill the last few days.  Just as ornery, but not as gorgeous obviously.  I was finally able to wash my hair, so that helped in the glamorous department (if you could call this lion's mane glamorous, which you couldn't).  Probably if I had a sexier eye-patch, that might help, too.  Fortunately, I've kept myself mostly secluded and therefore haven't needed to assassinate anyone from sheer irascibility.  Yet.  It might be a different story given a few more days of a wildly dilated pupil and migraines.

Enough with the blindness, on to the science fun.

Tomorrow NASA will begin downloading the mother lode of Pluto data.  This should take almost a full year to finish because the New Horizons spaceship (such a great word) has a shitty ISP.   I'm looking forward to more alien love notes because I'm a romantic at heart.  Even when I'm as surly as a snapping turtle.

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Randy Culp said...

What, no rhinestone covered eye patch?