Tuesday, September 29, 2015

the language of love

I figured if I could take the 'Which Disney Princess are You?' quiz, then I could take the 5 love languages test.  It's pretty quick and painless, but required some introspection.  And no, it isn't just for women, fkrs.  It was recommended by a man, but it appears like it would be useful for couples to know each other better.  Also, you don't need to use your real email address as there was no verification process.

For instance, do you feel more loved if someone does something for you, gives you a token of appreciation, or tells you they love you?  And conversely, how do you show love, and is it the best way your partner needs to receive it?  No right or wrong answers except you may need to adapt your style to mesh better with your partner.  Or find a partner who better meshes with your style.  ;)

However, you can be single and still take this to learn your own style.  It may seem silly, but I guarantee this will pay off when you know your inherent needs better.  And worst case, I made you laugh for doing something silly.  ;)